Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What to do, what to do

Yes, I know my post the other day was about being busy. And I am. We are. There is no boredom in this household. Ahem. Apartment. However, I am trying to brainstorm for ideas of things to do with the babies that don't involve large amounts of time outdoors during the hottest part(s) of the days, and money. Be it a little or a lot.

We ride the train a fair amount. (Yes, it is officially a train. I was told the other day that a subway goes underground for some or all of it's route, a train does not. Ergo, this thing we have locally is a train.) Max LOOOOOVES the train. She also loooooves school buses, but as far as actually being on one of those two, she prefers the train. Hands down.

We walk a couple of blocks... make that a lot of blocks... to the Songtan Bus Terminal and watch the SCHOOL BUSES come and go. They're not actually school buses, but I dare YOU to try and argue with a 2 year old.

We go around back of our apartment and look at puppies. (Including the baby puppy.)

We walk to parks, which are decent. Nothing like the Angel Towne one that we so thoroughly enjoyed in IL, but hey. What are you going to do?

We play with water on the back porch. Fun times!

On another note, Ryan starts full-time meetings at school this week. He's looking forward to getting into the swing of things. We visited another English speaking church yesterday, and really enjoyed it. I was very happy with the nursery that Max is in. Didn't get a chance to take Elisha into his, but we will. Max had a good time, too.

Please pray:
- for good health. Both Ryan and I have been sick at least once since we've gotten here. Thankfully both happened over weekends.
- that Victoria and Elisha would take good naps.
- that Ryan's meetings would go well.
- that Ryan and his co-workers would mesh well and have a shared focus.

Praise the Lord that:
- we got an A/C for our bedroom! The school found an extra one laying around, and asked if we wanted it. Um, yes!!
- we are learning our way around easily.
- we have good co-workers, and many are quickly becoming good friends.

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