Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School starts tomorrow!

For Ryan, and anyone else involved at ICS-PYK, that is. (International Christian School of Pyongtaek.) Ryan should, technically, be the one writing this, but it's late, he's busy, and we need to be getting to bed. So I figured I could update you almost as well as he could.

Last week all the teachers and staff at school were involved in doing Orientation meetings, and they were able to watch some (all? I don't know, actually) of the Harry K. Wong series "First Days of School." I watched those in college, as well as reading the book, and let me just tell you, he is AMAZING. Very inspirational, very educational, and very very helpful. He really inspired Ryan to do his best this year, esp. starting out now in a new place, with everything being completely new and different. AND having not taught for the past year.

It may go without saying, but I'll say it anyway. Ryan is very nervous, mostly due to the aforementioned newness of everything. He's been working really hard at planning procedures for his classes, lesson planning, objectives planning, and working with other teachers.

So please pray!
- Pray that Ryan would have a great first day, and first week.
- Pray that ALL the teachers would have a great first day, and first week. Many are new to the school this year, and several of those are fresh out of college.
- Pray that Ryan would have the dedication to start well and continue well. That he would implement and follow through with effective procedures.

Thank you so much!

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