Friday, October 7, 2011

Birthday Kalbi! Part 2

A few weeks ago Ryan wrote a good post on going out to eat kalbi with friends. And promised pictures. So, here they are!!

Everyone sits on mats on the floor, and you cook your own food.

They bring you the raw, marinated meat, along with a plate of lettuce, garlic, peppers, and some carrot sticks. Then they come around and light the burner in the table and put a grate on it.

See the scissors and tongs? For the cooking and cutting of meat. And a little button to push up there for more of whatever you need.

You get a variety of side dishes, which are unlimited. (Which is good for us as they have this yummy pancake type thing that the kids love. One waitress finally figured out to just keep bringing piles of it for us.)

Jason's disembodied hand cooking the meat.

On the left, onions in something... yummy, anyway. We put those on the meat when we eat it. And rice, which you have to order separately. Go figure.

Clockwise from top: cold seaweedish soup, pickled jellyfish tenticles, hot egg stuff, and stinky dog soup- containing tofu, and some vegetables.

Eating some kalbi- I can't tell what all Ryan put on there, but it's usually a piece of lettuc, some onions, and sauce. In that white bowl with that that round flan looking thing- that's not flan. It's tofu.

This particular kalbi place has a nice play area, which is why it is our overall favorite place. It has stuff to climb on, play on, etc.

The sad thing that this place keeps raising it's prices. =( And now I'm hungry.