Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy, happy birthday, from all of us to you (Elisha)!!

How old are you, Elisha??

Elisha turned four this past Wednesday, and boy did he have a great day!! It started with Daddy staying home from school to spend the day with him, his choice of breakfast, and fun at the park. (No pictures, sorry!!! We took a friend and his kids with us, so we were still out-numbered. Also, Max did not stay home from school- it was pajama day in her class, and there was no way she was missing that!)

He got hot dogs for lunch, then after naptime (which was a nap-less time, sigh), Sister was home and he got to open presents. What four year old (or any child for that matter!) doesn't like presents???

Victoria had chosen a pack of cars for him, which he loves!

How happy is he?!?!

And his present from Mommy and Daddy... what could it be??

 Superheros??? No way! 

 I'm not sure who was more excited, Elisha or Daddy...

After a yummy dinner of homemade pizza, then cupcakes and singing, the birthday boy passed out, very happy, and very tired.

Stay tuned for a post with lots of pictures about his birthday PARTY!

Friday, October 11, 2013

We came, we saw, we petted...

 Is petted a word? It just doesn't sound right. Anyways, the boys and I went to the Anseong Farmland (aka the petting zoo) today with some friends of ours. We had a great time, in spite of a hiccup or two.

Wide open spaces, the wind in our hair, dirt, rocks, things to climb on... not to mention the cows, horses, ostriches, goats, sheep, dogs, ponies, chickens, ducks, geese, and some other small critters I didn't get to see because NATHANIEL GOT BIT BY A DAGGONE DONKEY.

Oh, but he loved those sheep, though!!! Could not stop petting them and talking to them.


I have no pictures post-donkey bite. Gee, wonder why. But we did get to go on a great tractor ride, in the wind... But hey, the kids had fun, so who cares, right?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A love/hate relationship

Yes, I talked about Facebook in an earlier post. And I'm about to do it again. There really is a love/hate relationship going on here. I love being up-to-date on my friends who are living all over the world. But my skin isn't as thick as I would like it to be, so I get my dumb feelings hurt too easily, or I get upset about something too easily. After a day of checking FB on and off, I'm definitely grumpier then when I started.

A few months ago, I began a self-imposed complete computer fast on Sundays. That was actually reeeeeally nice. However, I actually need my computer, with its Skype and, yes, Facebook, to communicate with family and friends. So I can't just leave my computer off all the time. So the last couple of days I've been on the interwebs, but don't scroll through my facebook feed, and even just that has been helping! Less grumpiness, more happiness. A good thing.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to school they go!

Max started Kindergarten on August 14th, and I think it's safe to say that we were all quite excited. She loves it, as we knew she would- she's so dang social, and has a LOT to say. We love her teacher, which we knew we would, LOL; this is her second year here in Korea, so we've had a chance to scope her out get to know her.

She gets to ride to and from school in the teacher van with Ryan, yay! And it's good, too, since we don't have a car anymore, and trying to load up three kids at the buttcrack of dawn super early, into either a car OR public transportation OR getting her to the bus stop for school, would all just be insane. 

She loves having more one-on-one time with Daddy, both before and after school; but doesn't get to see him much during the actual school day.

We're on Ryan's 4th year of teaching here in Korea, and his 8th year of teaching overall. Pretty crazy!

Then I sat and thought about what year I would be on if I was still teaching, and this would have been my 10th year! Now I just feel old. Or at least not as young as I once was.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Almost two years...whoops

Yeah, it's been almost two years since I posted something on here. Oops. But it just seemed like I was posting everything twice- once on Facebook and then again on here. Which seemed like not the wisest use of my time and energy. However, I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with Facebook. (And it seems like I'm not the only one who leaves FB at the end of the day feeling less happy and connected then when I began- read me.)  So it's back to the blog for me.

I'll be back after lunch time with a decent post. And who knows, maybe even some pictures!