Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bumps, bruises, owies, and boxes.

But not necessarily in that order. Almost. It just read better that way.

The kids and I have been getting lots of the first three things lately, but I'm not sure why! Okay, maybe it's Satan attacking us because of school starting today. That would make sense. I know one of my tag lines is "Never a dull moment!" (Although I think Fred may have wished that wasn't true, huh, Fred?)

I may or may not have said this before, but we ARE safe, at least as safe as you CAN be outside of a... room where you couldn't get hurt at all. A padded room? A room lined with bubble wrap? I don't know.

But back to the point of this post. (Or one of the points, anyway.) Max routinely falls off the couch. I think her grandparents in IL have seen her do it twice while chatting on Skype. Elisha has mastered the art of pulling himself up on things. But then forgets, or doesn't realize, that he has to continue to hold on, otherwise he just sort of topples over. (Wow, I haven't gotten to use "topples" in a long time!) Then, yesterday on the train, a lady lost her balance and fell over onto me, and I was unable to catch her due to wearing Elisha on my back, holding Max on one arm, and holding on to a post with the other hand. She did quite the impressive flip, all things considered. But her head connected soundly with my leg, so I'VE got quite the impressive bruise. (Elisha was also, at that moment, biting my back. Yeah. It was not a fun time. He liked to bite and pinch me, and my arms bear the bruises to prove THAT.)

Then, today, we were fixin' to get off the elevator at the train station here, and Max decided she needed to help it open by guiding the doors. And got her little finger pinched. (Like, her actual little finger, not just "a" little finger.) Some blood, lots of tears, songs, promises of "meow" bandaids upon arrival home, and she lived. She also required a phone call to Daddy to help her feel better.

And THEN, while we were playing in the bedroom, Elisha rolled off our bed. That's not a new occurrence, but what was new was that he smacked his face soundly on the floor and left a big ol' bruise on his cheek. Poor kid.

On a GOOD note, our shipment arrived today! The very first thing I did was unpack my KitchenAid mixer and make pizza. Also utilizing my baking stones and new pizza cutter that were in the shipment. Yay! Now to unpack stuff and find homes for everything....

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  1. Better buy more cute Bandaids. Have a less harrowing day!