Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Happy Market Day!!!

I may or may not have written about market day here in Korea, I don't remember. But I have a few vegan pictures to share. (Meaning I didn't whip the camera out for all the fish, sea creatures, and various and sundry land creatures.)

It's kimchi making season here, so you see piles of asian cabbage like this everywhere (including your own front and back yard):

And let's not forget the green onions!

Persimmons, which I have yet to taste. Ryan says they're not too bad.

Garlic!!! Usually I can find taller stacks- as in taller than a small person- but this was it for today:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Free Advice Tuesday

I think it's Tuesday, anyway... I'm not real sure...

Anyway, so here is some advice for you, from me, free of charge. Consider it an early Christmas present. Or my attempt to help keep fellow parents from the bag of chocolate sitting in the freezer. Or the looney bin.

If, say, your children have some pots in their room that they've been playing with for a day or two, and they disappear into said room and close the door- don't forget that one or both of them was carrying an almost empty jug of dish soap.

Last I saw of them E was waving them both in the air, not sharing with his sister, so I thought nothing of it. Then, I heard their bedroom door close, and all was silent. Still didn't think about it because I'd already forgotten about the soap.

Went to check on them a bit later..... and I'll let you use your imagination.

Happy Birthday to Elisha

Elisha celebrated his 2nd birthday on October 23rd. And even I don't think he quite understood what was going on, he was perfectly happy to get new toys, fishies, and lots of attention. As well as lots of his favorite foods, LOL!

We didn't have a party, as I wasn't up for it, but we still managed to celebrate all weekend long. We started by enjoying dinner out and then a trip to the theater... dinner provided in the church basement and then several short skits put on by the drama group of teens from church. (The total time for the skits was half an hour- the kids not only lasted through it but enjoyed it as well.)

Saturday Ryan took Max to Home Plus to look for some "Cars" toys, but ended up with some fun little trains. I took Elisha to E-Mart where we picked up an inexpensive fish tank with a filter and some fish. After naptime we went to park to play and ended up going to an inexpensive restaurant with friends for dinner.

Sunday was E's actual birthday, so he opened some presents throughout the day, had a good time at church, and ate some of his favorite foods for lunch. (Hot dogs, cheddar cheese, and apples.) After naptime we hit another park, taking along some new toys to play with, then had dinner at McDonalds (he couldn't have been happier.)

Even though we did a lot, it was all low-key. I didn't even make a cake, because he doesn't like cake!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Did I mention...

... that we're expecting baby Kolbe #3? Well, we are! Yay! He, yes HE, is due in March. His first name is Nathaniel and we don't have a middle name, yet. We tried to pick a first name fairly quickly because we wanted to be able to tell the kids the name when we told them about the baby. Elisha doesn't give a hoot about the baby, yet. Max is excited, and asks questions, but, thankfully, not nearly as many as I had anticipated. We had held off telling the kids (Max) because she LOVES to ask questions, and the same questions, over and over and over and over and over again. Until Mommy wants to scream. Or just start giving ridiculous answers. Or both. But, we have been pleasantly surprised thus far-she has asked some questions, but it hasn't been the steady stream that we expected. (Thank you, Lord!!!!!)

We are hoping and planning on birthing at the Mediflower Women's Clinic (can't remember the exact name) in Seoul, with a doctor who is very pro-VBAC and natural birthing. Two friends of ours from school here have given birth there this year, and another friend is working as a doula, and helps there a lot. So we're super excited about the clinic, the doctor, the doula, and the birth.

Almost didn't check...

... my blog, because I couldn't remember posting in October, and figured it would be too depressing to see how lazy... um busy... I've been. That, and, pretty much everybody who reads the blog is also on FB, so they're up to date on the happenings around.

Of course, not everyone who is on both here AND FB actually CHECKS Facebook (ahem, I believe you know who you are), and thus rely on phone calls and video chats to keep up to date. Video chats that usually get cut short due to children getting into things and/or fighting. And my laptop battery is shot, so if the computer comes unplugged it shuts right off. No grace period. Just BAM. Off. What that means mainly for me is that I can't schlep my computer around the house while chasing children AND attempting to video chat. And we haven't replaced the battery because, to me, it really IS just a first-world problem. It's not a necessity, it's a want, and even then it's not at the top of the "wants" list. (Although that does make me wonder what's at the top of my "wants" list. Hmmm.)

So, anyway, I DID post in October. Once. AND in September. Once. Ha.

I'll be back in a bit with more. =)