Sunday, August 29, 2010

Important Announcement!

Ryan here to share something very important with all of you.

Korea has Mexican food and it is delicious!

After taxi-ing to church this morning (it was raining pretty hard), Corrie, the kids, and I along with several of my fellow teachers walked to Casa Burrito a nice little Mexican resturant not far from the main entrance to Osan Air Force Base. There were only six or seen tables and one worker that I saw. He took our orders and our money, cooked our food, and brought it to us. It tasted really good. I enjoyed my beef Mexican Pizza, but next time I am getting Corrie's nachos, they looked delectable.

Church was good today too. Corrie and I really feel like we are fitting-in at Mission Baptist Church. There are many families there with young children. Their MoPs program will be starting up again in September and Corrie also learned of a womens Bible study group that meets on Saturday mornings that she is hoping to attend. I have made a connection to a man at the church who teaches high school social studies at the Dept. of Defense school on the Air Force base. Today I brought my flash drive and he hooked me up with all of the PowerPoint presentations he has worked up for his World and U.S. History classes. I cannot wait to check them out. God is really blessing us.

My first full week of school is now done. Monday was quite stressful. It felt like I had forgotten how to teach. But after some prayer and some time, I feel like I am getting back into it without problems. I can already tell that I have great students who will do some great work this year. I am also getting excellent support from my fellow staff members and the school administration. I will be posting pictures of my room and students this week, so please stay tuned.

Thank you all for reading and praying for us. You are wonderful and I hope that you have wonderful days!

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  1. Thrilled to hear from you. Glad the school year will be a good one, glad you've connected with a congregation that you enjoy, and very happy that you've met up with a fellow SS. teacher. Life is good!
    Hugs from Ohio!