Monday, June 23, 2014

Ryan here...

Sorry I am so terrible about this stuff, but I wanted everyone who pays attention to this to know that we are really enjoying our vacation in the United States. Four years has been far too long a time away, I mean Nathaniel's never even been to the States before! The kids have been having a great time with their grandparents and their Aunt Jo Anna. My Aunt and Uncle also stopped in for a few days to visit with us. It has been such a good time.

We head to North Carolina to visit Corrie's parents at the beginning of July and return to Korea after three weeks there. I hope that it will not be four years until our next visit, but we know that no matter how long it takes, we have great friends keeping us in their hearts and prayers.

Thank you!

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year's Eve, not Suriname style

Instead of deafening fireworks, smoke from the aforementioned fireworks, mosquitoes, and sweat, we celebrated New Year's eve with friends, chili, and laughter. We hosted a Chili Bar night at our apartment,  had lots of good food, and a great time!

Tristan and Tristan chilling at the Bubble Guppy/BatCave.

Om nom nom nom! Nate noshing on chili.

Slightly fuzzy, sorry; but the kids having fun and eating.

Max hugging her friend Caleb, whom she doesn't get to see that much now that she's in school.

Two men, a baby, and Sadie. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mommy and Max date

Last week Max and I got to go spend a few hours exploring in Seoul. We had a great time together, and Max got to talk to her little heart's content.

We found a few things I hadn't seen in a while:

Sadly, this wasn't the restaurant, just a kiosk for cheesecake. Sigh.

After eating some blue candy, and showing off her freakishly long tongue:

Selfie at Starbucks! 

And, the coup de grais. (I probably spelled that wrong. Oh well.) The non-inter-personal highlight of the trip:

See it? Hmmmm??? Laugh out loud when you see it.

And queue the jokes....
- you can't get to the pearly gates on roller skates, but an escalator will do just fine.
- we've found the pearly gates! And they're in.... Korea! 
- Max and I have been there, done that, have you?

Not pictured:
- we had lunch from Auntie Annes. YUM yum yum yum.
- the highlight of the trip for Max was a candy store we stumbled across, and she got to pick some out. She was totally the kid in the candy store. (Bahahahaha!)