Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well, that was sad

What was? The post I just saw that got saved as a draft and never published back in July. Bummer, dude.

In other news, Ryan had a great first day!! He enjoyed getting to know his students, and came home very excited about the rest of the year. He's working on figuring out how to remember all their names, but he has some ideas. He did a "Questions for Mr. Kolbe" thing that I think was a great idea! He had the students write down two questions for Mr. Kolbe as a teacher, and then one for Mr. Kolbe as a person. He brought some of the questions home to finishing answering this evening, and they were fun to hear. One was "Will you be giving lots of demerits?" I had to laugh at that one. His answer: "Are you going to be EARNING lots of demerits this year?" Another was "How tall are you, and how did you get that tall?" Answer: "About 2 meters, and I blame my parents. If you don't know what I'm talking about, ask your biology teacher." It was only a half day today so Ryan did not get to spend enough time with his students, but that is what the rest of the year is for and he feels very confident that the Lord has given him some great kids to take care of.

Max, E, and I had a good morning on a fun outing with some new friends. Last Saturday when we went to Home Plus, I saw a white couple who were hanging out in the food court while their two kids played in the play area. I introduced myself and Ryan and I ended up having a really great conversation. The couple's names were Pam and Charles and they have an almost three year old, L, and a four year old, T. Charles is in the Air Force and they are newley arrived at the Osan base here in town. Anyway, Pam and I and Pam's friend Tressa and all of our kids (six in total, three boys and three girls) all met at the Songtan train station at 9:45 and rode the train to Pyongtaek. We went to the mall and had a really good time talking while the kids romped in the play area. Elisha loved the the bouncy castle, btw. It turns out that Pam and Tressa's experiences in moving to Korea have not been too different from ours despite their being in the military and living on base. I am really glad that I introduced myself to Pam on Saturday. Also, I got Starbucks at the mall and it was delicious! Korea does need to learn about the "Venti" though. The biggest I could get was a "Grande". I wonder if I could talk the workers into giving me a refill? (Of course, I can't remember now which size is bigger. Oh well.)

Hope that you are all have good days. Thanks for reading the blog and praying for us!

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  1. Haha, they have Venti in Taiwan. :) I should mail you a cup and you can take it into Starbucks and say, "Look I already have my own cup and everything!" hahahaha...
    ALso I looked at your Costco pictures on Facebook and it looks just like those coulda been taken in the Taiwan Costco.