Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another year has come and gone

My birthday was a few weeks ago. I'm not telling how old I am now. (Okay, probably because half the time I can't remember and have to stop and think about it.) It wasn't the best day ever- I think because I had high expectations of it, and when you have a pre-schooler and a toddler, you really can't have high expectations of anything. Or, at least, you shouldn't.

The day after my birthday was great, although why it was escapes me at this particular moment...

The day BEFORE my birthday, well... it was crazy. I spent the entire day in Seoul, with Elisha, getting my Korean driver's license. 8 trains, one bus, a billion flights of steps, some nice Koreans, and some amazing help from the ladies back at school, I returned home with my license in hand. Exhausted, grimy, and vowing to never climb another flight of steps again. (Hahaha.)

But, even though it was completely and totally nuts, everything went relatively smoothly, I didn't cry at all, and God was definitely in everything. For example: those of you who know my son know that he doesn't like strangers. Heck, half the time he doesn't like anyone who isn't one of his two parents. Anyway, he and I got the Korean driver's license place, jumped through ALL of their hoops, only to find out that he wouldn't be allowed to go into the testing room with me, and didn't I bring a baby-sitter? Ummmmm..... no.

So a very, very, very nice worker who spoke English, came up to watch him. I figured he would scream and scream the entire time I was gone, and be miserable, but there wasn't anything I could do. So the lady took him, and he fussed a bit, but they walked me to the room where the testing was, and then BAM, she produced a sucker for him and he forgot all about me. Not even kidding. I could hear him laughing with her and being all happy. I got done with the test and went back to down to find him playing happily and not caring that I had returned. I cannot tell you HOW thankful I was for that, and for the woman who took some of her lunch break to help me out. Totally God.

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  1. Praise God!

    Happy belated birthday!

    And Congratulations on getting your license!