Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break, thus far

Day 5 of Spring break is done, and thus far ALL 4 Kolbes have been healthy!! It's a record, I'm not even kidding.

It has been marvelous not only being healthy, but having Ryan home all day, every day. For starters, I don't get stuck with all the poopy diapers anymore. Also, I've been able to enjoy some amazing naps. I'm so glad God gave us the gift of sleep. I love it. We've been thoroughly enjoying doing lots of things as a family. Or, as Max puts it, "we are all together!!" Saturday we went to Suwon and picked up a book on sale, enjoyed a pretzel from Auntie Anne's and a packed lunch we had brought along. Sunday we enjoyed a lovely lunch with some new friends.

Monday we decided on the spur of the moment to hit Seoul. The first two places we attempted to go to were closed on Mondays. Go figure. So we went to the North Seoul Tower which is a huge landmark and a very popular destination here. We rode a glass elevator up a couple of floors, then rode a cable car to almost the top of the mountain. And walked up a bunch of stairs. Ooooohhhh stairs. That reminds me of another blog post I need to write. Anyway, we walked around, enjoyed the views, the fresh air, and the kids chased pigeons. They love pigeons. Partly because of the Mo Willems book "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!" And partly because they walk around and are big enough to chase. Poor Elisha, though, he was having SO much fun chasing pigeons around, and then they FLEW away. He was SO upset, we felt so bad for him! It's hard being a toddler.

We don't have any pictures of that or most of this break as our camera's memory card decided that NOW would be a good time to fritz out on us. ARGH.

Tuesday we stayed closer to home and went to a really nice Arboretum 3 trains stops north of us. Again, the fresh air and sunshine were wonderful, as was being out with trees and bushes and flowers. All that outside time led to a 3 hour nap for the kids and me (Corrie)!

It has been nice to enjoy the outdoors as a family, and let the kids run around! (And around... and around... and around...)

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  1. Oooo, I like the sound of that arboretum. Directions please?