Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes....

All parents know (or will soon find out once their children start talking) that children repeat what they hear. For better or for worse, what comes out of your mouth, goes into their little ears and then out of their mouths. Some cases in point (all from Max, Elisha's vocabulary isn't understandable to the general population yet...):
- Augh, you're KILLING me! (When frustrated.)
- Oh my goodness, there's people EVERYWHERE!

My current favorite:
(Yesterday I was cutting up hot dogs to put in their lunch, and had to put down Elisha, whom I had been holding. He started screaming like the world was over, no one loved him, etc., etc., etc.) Max: "E-sha, come here. It okay, E-sha. Come read Bible story with me. Read Bible story with me, E-sha. That make it all better."

Love it.

She also says insanely cute and encouraging things:
-it's okay, Mommy. You can do it!
- good job, Mommy!
- it's okay, Mommy, it's okay.

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