Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bloomin Korea

Yeah... I could have said "Korea in Bloom." Meh. Boring. Or "Spring has Sprung!" Like that's never been used before.

These cherry blossom pictures were taken on the main road around the corner from us. They are SO pretty!!! The word ethereal comes to mind every time I see them.

I think those are one of my new favorite things. Wish they could stay around longer.

My friend Renee and her daughter Sadie went to the arboretum with us last week. Not as much was in bloom as I had hoped, but we did discover what is now my "dome of happiness."

Waterfalls, a stream, oodles and oodles of tropical plants. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. And then I realized my son was eating rocks and my daughter had run off and was nowhere to be seen.

Haha, I love self-timers on cameras. Yes, Elisha was trying to escape... to go play with the rocks. That boy is on the go ALL the time!

The kids and I went back over the weekend. It was still awesome. Wish I could live there.

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