Saturday, December 18, 2010

Praises and Requests

Please join us in prayer for the following.

-Christmas break has started! Woo Hoo!

-Co-worker Shannon Hugo came over last night for dinner and brought a copy of White Christmas to watch. We had a lot of fun and Max and E seemed to like it too.

-Shannon and many other teachers are leaving Korea for the break. Tad and Teal are heading for Switzerland to ski, please ask the Lord for travel mercies for all of them.

-Jo Anna is coming from China to visit for Christmas! She is due to arrive on Thursday the 23rd.

-Max has been very two years old lately and is driving us a bit crazy. Please ask that she learn to obey and that we are good parents.

-Elisha is very close to walking. It's great!

-Yesterday, I developed some severe lower-back pain and had to be checked out at the hospital. I am not seriously injured, but the pain is bad and my back is weak. Please pray that it heals quickly and I do not injure it further.

We love you all. Thank you for your prayers.


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