Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quotable Max Quotes, take 2

Conversation with Max early this morning....

Max: my belly hurt.

Me (Corrie!): your belly hurts? Do you want to sit on the potty?

Max: no. Go see doctor.

Me: your belly hurts so you want to go see the doctor?

Max: yes. Ride school bus, go see doctor.

Ahhhhhh I get it....

Then, it got better.

Max: E-sha's belly hurt. Go see doctor.

Me: E's belly hurts? No, I think he's okay.

Max: my belly hurt. Ride school bus. Go see doctor.

Me: your belly still hurts? Let's go sit on the potty.

Max: no. Ride school bus, see doctor. Eat ice cream.

Yes, folks, she wants to go see the doctor just so she can ride on the "school bus" and eat ice cream. A floor or two below the doctor's office is the pharmacy, and across from the pharmacy is a Baskin Robbins.

Enough said.

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