Thursday, December 16, 2010

Korean Jeopardy

For $100: these are the current weather conditions in Korea.

Answer: What is- insanely cold?

For $200: Elisha's current favorite past-time.

Answer: What is- pull everything out of cabinets and shelves as fast as possible, as often as possible.

For $300: this person can take several unassisted steps and stand unsupported for longish periods of time.

Answer; Who is- Elisha?

For$400: Corrie did this the other day, blaming it on her bleeding heart.

Answer: What is- rescued a freezing kitten from a field on the way to Home Plus.

For $500: Corrie then did this with the kitten the following day.

Answer: What is- put it in a box and left it outside a pet store down the road.

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