Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to Elisha

Elisha celebrated his 2nd birthday on October 23rd. And even I don't think he quite understood what was going on, he was perfectly happy to get new toys, fishies, and lots of attention. As well as lots of his favorite foods, LOL!

We didn't have a party, as I wasn't up for it, but we still managed to celebrate all weekend long. We started by enjoying dinner out and then a trip to the theater... dinner provided in the church basement and then several short skits put on by the drama group of teens from church. (The total time for the skits was half an hour- the kids not only lasted through it but enjoyed it as well.)

Saturday Ryan took Max to Home Plus to look for some "Cars" toys, but ended up with some fun little trains. I took Elisha to E-Mart where we picked up an inexpensive fish tank with a filter and some fish. After naptime we went to park to play and ended up going to an inexpensive restaurant with friends for dinner.

Sunday was E's actual birthday, so he opened some presents throughout the day, had a good time at church, and ate some of his favorite foods for lunch. (Hot dogs, cheddar cheese, and apples.) After naptime we hit another park, taking along some new toys to play with, then had dinner at McDonalds (he couldn't have been happier.)

Even though we did a lot, it was all low-key. I didn't even make a cake, because he doesn't like cake!

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  1. He doesn't like cake? But does that mean he doesn't like frosting either???

    I wish we could have been with him to enjoy his special day.