Sunday, November 6, 2011

Did I mention...

... that we're expecting baby Kolbe #3? Well, we are! Yay! He, yes HE, is due in March. His first name is Nathaniel and we don't have a middle name, yet. We tried to pick a first name fairly quickly because we wanted to be able to tell the kids the name when we told them about the baby. Elisha doesn't give a hoot about the baby, yet. Max is excited, and asks questions, but, thankfully, not nearly as many as I had anticipated. We had held off telling the kids (Max) because she LOVES to ask questions, and the same questions, over and over and over and over and over again. Until Mommy wants to scream. Or just start giving ridiculous answers. Or both. But, we have been pleasantly surprised thus far-she has asked some questions, but it hasn't been the steady stream that we expected. (Thank you, Lord!!!!!)

We are hoping and planning on birthing at the Mediflower Women's Clinic (can't remember the exact name) in Seoul, with a doctor who is very pro-VBAC and natural birthing. Two friends of ours from school here have given birth there this year, and another friend is working as a doula, and helps there a lot. So we're super excited about the clinic, the doctor, the doula, and the birth.

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