Saturday, June 25, 2011

You were on a roll... what happened?

... a blogging roll, that is. Well, I'll tell you what happened. Crap. Crap happened. (At this point my mother might stop reading. Sorry, but crap is the best word I've got.)
One sick little boy. Misdiagnosed for 2 days and ended up in the hospital.

The family doctor kept saying Elisha had "the common cold." He said this two days in a row, ignoring my saying that E was running a fever and definitely not well. On the SECOND visit on the second day, he finally heard him cry, believed me when I said he was having trouble breathing, and sent us to a pediatrician and pediatric hospital.
So I carted E over there (did I mention that Ryan and Victoria were in Seoul at a wedding?), only to have THAT doctor take ONE listen to his chest and tell me "Ajou. Suwon." (Ajou is a big university hospital up in Suwon. A place I could not reach on my own, for a number of reasons.) At this point I called a friend who is fluent in Korean and pleaded for help.
She came over with another friend (for moral support) and took us to a hospital in Pyongtaek. The doctor THERE confirmed what I had been saying for two days, which was that E had bronchitis, laryngitis, and a serious case of the croup. He needed antibiotics, a steroid shot, and breathing treatments. The only problem was that that hospital was full, and there were 10 people ahead of us waiting for a room. Longer story shorter, we went to another hospital. Got a room. More meds.

Random "skin test." Don't know why or what for. Not Tb, as they checked 20 minutes later.

Have IV? Will travel. Seriously, you could go outside for walks, up and down hallways... or elevators...Wow I look fat in that picture.

Wait. This is about Elisha. Right.

After the meds kicked in, he wanted to Par-Tay. Thankfully, he did go to sleep, and slept off and on through the next day. 24 hrs. later he felt much better, but that only lasted a few hours. He spent the next 3 days whining, crying, and not wanting to do anything. They released us Monday, thankfully. A check-up on Thursday realized all that mess to be gone, but one ear is slightly infected. Sigh.

Anyway.... this post is seriously not complete without a few pictures of hospital food. Korean hospital food.
Quail eggs, anyone? Seaweed soup? Rice? (Rice and that soup stuff in the upper left with every meal.)

Ah, fish. 7 meals in the hospital and 4 had fish. 3 of those meals were breakfast.

Waaaiitttt.... what? What are those?

Are those what I think they are?

Why yes. They're little dead fishes. Lots of them. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


  1. Yay for blogging! I recently started back up. I'm glad that E is ok and out of the hospital now.

    And I love your food pictures and comments. I forget at times, that many of you here are not used to the Korean meals. That looks like something I've eaten every day at my school for the past 1 1/2 years. Well, except you also got the yogurt drink, which we only get on Wednesdays. And the little fish! They're actually quite tasty, with the rice.

    But maybe I'm weird. Ha.

  2. Wow- so stressful!! I had no idea! I'm so glad you had friends to help you, and finally got someone to figure out the problem WITHOUT going to Ajou! Bless your hearts you both need a break! And yeah- little fishes? Um, no thank you!!

  3. I LOVE that "Have IV, Will travel" photo!

  4. bleh- k-hop-food (hehe that's the name i just made up for korean hospital food!)
    E looks so tiny and pathetically cute in the first picture. i'm so glad he is mending now :) praise God for the support you got!

  5. Wow! I had no idea Elisha was so sick. Guess that's what happens when you disappear from Facebook... :( But glad it's all over. Hahahahaa... the little dead fishies are all over Taiwan too. They put them in all kinds of vegetables and it's like waiit..what's.. that.. in my spinach.. And they also sell them crunchy mixed with salted peanuts as a snack. mmm