Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer days

Well, today is officially day one of Ryan's summer vacation! Yay!!!! Sunday evening was so much more relaxing knowing that he didn't have to get up and go to school in the morning. Which is good, too, because apparently both Max and Elisha have decided that they are going to be nocturnal now. Yeesh.

Anyway, I had big plans of writing a blog post the other evening about our summer plans, but then I read two other blogs of families who are in Eastern Europe adopting right now, and they were posting pictures of the orphanage and talking about all the orphans there, and how some will never be adopted for various reason. That evening our summer plans seemed frivolous and unimportant. Which is why it took me two or three more days to write this post.

So anyway, our summer has already started with a bang! Saturday we visited a super fun water park down on an army base 1/2 hr. away, with some army friends with kids the same age as ours. (Plus 2 older ones.) We had an absolute blast, and stayed for dinner and games too.

Today (Monday) we are babysitting our friends Ross and Renee's toddler girl, Sadie. They're moving, so I figured it would be most helpful to take care of Sadie so she wasn't in the way. It's like having twin toddlers, though. She and Elisha are only 3 months apart, and very close developmentally.

Let's see... as of right now, the rest of our summer plans include:
-seeing Sesame Street Live
- attending a wedding
- attending a birthday party for a 4 year old
- the Big Bad BBQ for Father's Day at church
- museums
- parks
- playgrounds
- touristy stuff
- trips into Seoul for various reasons

And who knows what else! We'll be sure and keep you updated, though. =)


  1. You can add "Hanging out with the Trammells" to your summer to-do list. ^^