Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What does having a sick baby equal?

Lots of internet and reading time! (Okay, okay, and less than a full night's sleep, Tylenol, crankiness- on the baby's part, too... LOL... anyway, you get the idea.) Yep, when one of the babies is sick, E especially, it means lots of sitting with him, cuddling, unable to do much else but read and browse the interwebz.

The result of the latter being that I stumble across amazing blogs, fantastic ideas, and fabulous resources.

Like this one: Living with Punks. For the month of June she's hosting "Scrap Your Stash" where she and other bloggers post an idea a day of things you can make using fabric scraps from your stash. (Which won't be of any interest to most of my readers, but it is to me, so it gets blogged about.)

Max is too young yet for us to have decide how we are going to educate her- whether home-school or "regular" school. But, I came across this blog the other day, and she has lots of good info for families, not just homeschoolers. Raising Arrows is a site I'll be bookmarking for future use.

Another craft site? Yes, please! Sugar Bee Crafts even does a "Take a Look Tuesday" with great links to yet MORE blogs with great ideas. =)

Not a new site to me, but Celebrate Life (formerly Believe it and Be satisfied) is the blog of a gal who attends our church, along with her husband, and they are currently in the Ukraine adopting a little girl. Karen is an AMAZING photographer, and her pictures of Korea are fabulous! (The ones of the Ukraine are great, too, but living in Korea it's a bit cooler for me, LOL.)

Ferial's blog, Ferial-Shmerial, is also a fun read, with more great pictures. She and her hubby, John, attend our church, and teach at a different school in Pyeongtaek. Fun people, and we're looking forward to hanging out with them more now that summer is upon us.

Well, I won't overwhelm you with any more fun links... for now. =)

Having a sick baby also grants me more time to blog, LOL. Just less time to sew and clean and such. Oh well. Such is life.

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  1. Thanks SO much for the plug, Corrie! ^^
    I hope your little man feels better soon.
    When he's feeling better, let's plan to get together!