Monday, May 16, 2011

Anti-negativity: a list.

1) Mondays are normally yuck-o. With a capital Y-U-C-K-O. But today was not.

2) I found one of the Krispy Kremes in Korea!!!!!!!!! There were tears of joy.

3) AND there was a TGI Friday's next door to it!!! Squeeeeeeeeee!

4) Had no major meltdowns on the train ride up or back on our little outing today.

5) Both kids took great naps! (Right up there with the Krispy Kremes.)

6) Lovin' the seriously low humidity. Mostly. Great for air-drying clothes. Not so much for my lips.

7) VeggieTales. And my kids' new-found fondness for these talking, singing, dancing vegetables and fruit.

8) Spring. Love the flowers, the colors, the visual happiness everywhere... it's sweet.

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