Friday, August 5, 2011

Riding the subway, Korean style

So, last Thursday we went out a family outing to Seoul, as we hadn't gone as much as we had hoped, and teacher orientation started a few days later. The actual outing itself is a post for later (like, when I get around to putting those pictures on the computer).

However, we rode the subway a LOT that day, and to help pass the time/amuse myself I wrote a mental blog post about how to ride a subway, Korean style. Please note that overall, the Koreans are nice people, just not particularly courteous.

So, the first thing to remember when riding the subway is to push. A lot. Getting on, getting off, moving down the aisle. If getting on, push past all the people trying to get off, then run for a seat. If no seats are available, stand by the door. Like, RIGHT by the door. Make it hard for people to get on and off around you.

Don't forgot to have your headphones in listening to music or watching a movie on your phone. If you are sitting down the following doesn't apply to you. However, if you are standing up, when the train slows and stops you have to make absolutely SURE you do not move from where ever you standing so others can get off and on. You MUST hold your position, at least until that white lady with the stroller and TWO kids comes up and almost runs you over. Then, move about an inch.

You get extra bonus points if you smell strongly of kimchi, garlic, or something unpleasant. Also, if you're over 50, help parent everyone else's kids. Whether it's the fact that one sucks his thumb, they're not wearing socks in 65 degree weather, or they're crying because they didn't get what they want.

Don't forget to use the handicap spots for scanning your train card while entering or exiting. Other people don't REALLY need the wider slot. Last, but not least, use the elevator over the escalator or stairs as much as possible. At least if you're over 45. Bonus points if there's nothing wrong with you. And cram as many people on as possible. Remember that pushing from earlier?? That comes in handy again here.

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  1. on your next rainy day you can stay in and practice pushing!