Sunday, August 21, 2011

The end of an era...

...the era of Summer Vacation 2011. Sadness all around the Kolbe household. Corrie doesn't get to sleep in anymore. Ryan's at work all day. The kids miss their daddy something fierce.

But, with the start of school come paychecks and the promise of cooler weather. The last part was more of a "normally" thing, because this August has been nothing like last August. Crazy nice weather this year. No complaints.

Ryan had a great half-week start to school. He even has extra planning time during the day due to the absence of a 10th grade this year. (There is one 10th grader at the school, so it made more sense to combine with another grade.)

Please pray:
- that Ryan would continue on as he has started.
- for more students for the school.
- for extra wisdom and patience for me as I care for the kids by myself all day.

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