Saturday, July 23, 2011

A moldy problem

AKA: Mold. A four letter word.

This post is mainly to put to rest various rumors and misconceptions people have right now about our apartment and mold.

Here are the facts:
- it rained here for 2 straight weeks. Maybe longer. I lost track. No sun. Tons of humidity and warm temperatures
- anyone who knows anything about anything can tell you that moisture (humidity) plus warmth generally equals mold.
- mold/mildew took over our strollers, and could be found in the shape and size of small dots of myriads of other things in, on, and around our apartment.
- most Korean apartments are cement with wallpaper on the inside. No sheetrock, no paint, no insulation.

- our apartment is overrun by mold.
- special cleaning has to be employed to rid ourselves of this nastiness.

Basically the humidity needs to go down. Then all will be well.

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