Thursday, March 10, 2011

Well, that went well.

We made it a full 5 days without TV! Almost 6, actually. It got turned on for a short bit Saturday and Sunday evenings. Max asked MAYBE once a day for TV, but didn't ask again after I told her we weren't watching TV that day. I am quite proud of this accomplishment.

Monday and Tuesday were again no TV days, but then Tuesday night Max's left eardrum ruptured, so she did watch some TV yesterday. In between napping and visiting the doctor. And then last night (Wednesday) Elisha spent most of the night screaming, and on into the morning. He is running a fever and super cranky and clingy. So yeah, we're watching TV today.

On another note, on Saturday we discovered an Auntie Anne's pretzels in a city a few stops on the train north of us. The pretzel stand could have a been there a while, but I think I would have remembered seeing it. It brought great happiness and joy to the people. (The Kolbe people, anyway.)

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