Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So, you want to pray for us, huh?

Well, we'd sure appreciate it!

Please pray that:
- we would stay healthy through the Korean winter.
- that Ryan's back would not give him anymore problems.
- that I, Corrie, would be safe taking the kids out and pushing the double stroller through snow and ice.
- that we would strive to be the best parents God has for us to be.
- that school would continue to go well for Ryan. He is really enjoying teaching here, and enjoys his students and fellow staff members.

We are so thankful:
- for all God has given us. (That's another post for another day.)
- for good health. Even when it's bad it could always be worse.
- that God knows what we need before we need it or know we need it, and provides for us.

While I don't particularly like it that my please pray list is far longer than my thankful list, it's really late and I'm having a hard time thinking and seeing straight. But thank you for praying for us, and surrounding us with that love.

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