Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Pie in the sky hopes and dreams. Big plans. Call 'em what you want. We're behind. Woefully. Sadly. Depressingly. Okay, not so much depressingly. But you get the idea. Take, for example, the curtains for the kids' room. I finished them this morning, so I thought... until I realized that I had made two left curtains and no right. (I did white edging on one side and the bottom to cheaply extend them.) And I KNEW that I had to pay attention and make sure to do one left and one right. Reminded myself of it several times. But it when it came down to it and I was all done, had I remembered? Had I paid enough attention? Of course not. Sigh. So I thought I was done. I was all excited. But no.

This happens a fair amount to us. Take, for example Ryan's Thanksgiving break. Actually, let's back up a bit. Remember Chusok? The Korean Thanksgiving when Ryan had a whole week off, then we all got sick. Yeah, that week. We wondering if that would happen this week, if we would all get sick. Even made jokes about it. Suffice to say, we need to start praying NOW that we will all stay healthy for Christmas break.

Ryan and I have thus far escaped fairly unscathed. I'm fighting off the end of a cough and sore throat, Ryan had a sore throat for a few days. Elisha is almost all better, but Victoria is still snotting up a storm, hacking up a lung, and generally being miserable and ornery.

So, instead of going up to Seoul a couple of times, as Ryan has yet to really visit it, we stayed home and visited the doctor a couple of times. And the pharmacy. And the Baskin Robbins across the hall from that. Very exciting, let me tell you. But, our house is squeaky clean, we've been spending tons of time together, and meals have been mostly home-cooked. So the vacation wasn't a total bust.

And I was going to add pictures, but the memory card got taken out of my computer, so you'll have to wait until next time.

Edited to add: I was just looking through my list of posts which also includes unpublished drafts, and in our defense, there were several that we forgot to go back and hit publish on. Sorry.

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