Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chillin' at the O Club

Well, not really, but our friends the Carters did take us to dinner there. I tell you, Officer's Clubs have changed a lot since M*A*S*H. I expected a pre-fab, corrugated steel building with a bar, a piano, and a pinball machine. Instead we ate in a hotel-type ballroom that was full of tables and we got to make our own pizza. It was great. Thanks, Carters!

The Sortores made it in yesterday afternoon. I was very jealous to hear that they were able to sleep all night last night and not wake up at 3:00 AM like me, Corrie, and the kids did. Corrie has been showing them around and helping them learn about life in Korea. Ross and Renee served two years at a school in Taiwan so they have more experience with Asian culture than we did. Please pray that they settle in comfortably here and praise God that ICS found a secondary music teacher.

I spoke in Chapel a week ago today. Things went well and I believe that God gave me good words for our students. I talked about zombies. I gave the students ten tips for surviving zombie attacks and I told them a little of the history of the zombie movie sub-genre. I explained to them about how our world is filled with zombies (people who do things that make them think that they are alive, but they are not) and that there are also survivors (people who have recognized that they have to be rescued). I was able to use this fun premise to impress upon them the importance of a savior and why people cannot save themselves through good deeds. It was quite a positive experience.

Hope you all are well. Thanks for reading and praying!

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