Friday, September 10, 2010

Korean anti-weight loss plan

Step 1- find ways around as many of the hills as possible. Elevators are allowed.

Step 2- find as many Dunkin Donuts as possible. Try different donuts out, frequently, so as to find new favorites. The donuts here are different than in the States, so you have to start all over from there. (Continue to avoid the ones containing Kimchi, soybeans, tofu, sweet potato, and whole wheat.)

Step 3- find as many Starbucks as possible. Discover that they do, indeed, have the Venti size. It's just not advertised on the board.

Step 4- become addicted to Korean Coca-Cola.



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  2. ew...a kimchi doughnut? that's just...scary. At least you don't have stinky tofu. That's a weight loss plan right there. And hey, how's Korean coca cola compared to Suriname coca cola? Taiwan Coca cola is the same as the US, but with a chinese label on it.
    Does Korea have kimchi flavor and seaweed flavored Pringles? we have 'em at 7-11. Seaweed's not bad but I haven't tried Kimchi. oh and salmon flavored Pringles. *shudder*

  3. We have tofu donuts, and there is probably stinky tofu, too. But I avoid that stuff like the plague. I LOVE Korean coke. Much closer to Suriname's. (i.e. Better than the states.) I haven't had a chance to examine the Pringles cans, yet! How could you not like the salmon ones?? You're the one that lived in alaska all those years!!